How to be a part of this...

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How to be a part of this...

Post by hacktic » 30 Jul 2018, 13:49

We function as a collective of trusted individuals who deal with different tasks. There are various roles people can hold in the collective: from spreading information to dealing with finances.

We need some more hands to keep the work run smoother and to prevent the bulk of work to fall on a few members. If you would like to be part of the collective, please read on. We would like to state clearly here that before you decide to apply, please consider the time and energy levels you have and ask yourself again if this is something you want to commit to right now. It’s important for us to rely on each other in the work and we also are concerned with security: the information we share is not safe if people who are not committed to the collective have access to it (even with best intentions). If your energy levels are a bit down these times (happens often with all of us), consider informing us of the possible support you can offer as a volunteer, and we will try to find a way to collaborate.
  1. Participation
    Role: Admin of the list
    • subscribing people who made a donation
    • receiving requests and checking if they are legitimate
    • forwarding requests to the list
    • receiving comments and sending them back to the list
    • keeping the deadlines of decision-making
    • announcing the results on the requests
    Role: Updating blog(s) and social networks
    • writing about cases supported by us on our website
    • keeping all social networks updated and creating content for breaking news, urgent calls or attracting donations
    Role: PR (connected to Blog(s) & SocNets)
    • spreading info about the collective, encouraging people to donate
    • reaching out to groups
    If you feel like you want to join, please send us the following intel to [ postmaster @ cyberguerrilla org ] in the following form:
    • Your Nick (required)
    • Your Email (required)
    • Please answer these questions to help us consider your application
      • Are you an anarchist? We feel that the collective should consist of anarchists so we can share some basic principles of cooperation and communication.
      • Do you speak English? Mind that we are already an international crew and English will be the language to communicate in the collective. We invite people who already speak the language only because at the moment none of us has the capacity and time to organize translation.
      • Which group you are part of (if any)? Who can vouch for you (established groups are better to refer to, cause we can check with them). Mind that if you don’t have a voucher, you will not be able to join the collective, because trust is important for us.
      • Which role can you take over? The collective involves some work and responsibilities, it’s important for us that people know what they want to do from the very beginning. We would like to avoid having people in the collective who don’t have any clear tasks.
      • Anything else you'd like to say?
      Learn how to encrypt your email: the Email Self Defense guide. (Our method for communication)
      *If you have some comments about this, use the Anything else you'd like to say?
  2. Volunteer
  • Don’t have the time or energy to be a full-time member, but still want to help? Drop us a line about what you can do, and we will try to find a way to collaborate. We will be extremely happy to hear from you.
P.S. I would like to thank the International Anarchist Defence Fund for allowing us our KopiMe for today.

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