Alerta Alerta Antifascista - This is your personal invite to the deed!

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Alerta Alerta Antifascista - This is your personal invite to the deed!

Post by hacktic » 22 Jul 2018, 23:40

We have created a "Assemblage" forum as a secure platform to bridge on the ground activist with online [H|A]ctivist's and build a unified front to fight fascism. We need to create specific (political) actions that meant to be exemplary to others and serve as a catalyst for change!

We are here hoping to re-engage our struggle in changing conditions after the global upheavals. We were looking for change for the liberation struggle, for a new way in which we could connect with others. And we meant to recognize something in those who had taken this fight before us, died or were/are in jail. We want to break our boundaries and be free from everything that keeps us in the system. The global and internal social conditions are exacerbated in the turbulence of historical development after the Coup d'état of a orange clown.

It is abundantly clear that the present stage of development of the system brings further social and existential hardships to the overwhelming part of humanity. For the majority of the world, Neo-liberalism means a new dimension to the threat to their lives. In the struggle for political hegemony and economic power, only the economies whose capacities are increasingly raised in favor of the bare profits of corporations and an ever-diminishing section of society are keeping up. The repercussions of this systemic run lead to profound changes within societies. And that the increasing impoverishment and the resulting brutalization bring forth a further unleashing of war and barbarism. When it touches its economic and political interests, the rich nations will intervene in such conflicts on their part at any time with war to continue to ensure the “unrestricted access to the raw materials” of the earth and to enforce their claim to power. They will never be concerned with actual solutions for the people, but only to control the destruction that their system sets in motion and to siphon off profits for a few.

The marketing of man and the violence in the living rooms of society, on their streets, is the power of oppression, is the social coldness against the other, it is the violence against women all this is an expression of patriarchal and racist relations. We have always been in conflict with the mentality of much of this society. This is a necessary moment of the process of liberation, because not only are the conditions reactionary, but the relations produce the reactionary in man, which again and again suppresses their capacity for liberation. There is no doubt that it is vital to resolutely oppose and combat racism and all forms of oppression. Liberation drafts of the future will also have to be judged by finding a key to the reactionary consciousness and awakening the need for emancipation and liberation. We wanted collectivism as much as the common overcoming of alienation. But the contradiction between the guerrillas and liberation has often been suppressed and talked away. Even the revolutionary guerrillas produces alienation and authority structures, which contradicts liberation at a time when the whole world is confronted with the consequences of Neo-liberalism.

Our hope is a new connection of the guerrillas and other places of resistance. For this, we were looking for a new design, in which the fighting from all could stand together. Many people have been involved in doing what they thought is best. Each of us must seriously decide what is best at the moment, tomorrow and forward. In a world that is constantly changing which should be obvious to all of us, it is imperative that we not forget that we are changing as the times are changing as we are requiring change, thoughts, debate, respect or admiration for what has been giving to work with. As we fight so hard in the streets, the universities and political forums throughout the world. This is the eruption of the end of Neo-liberalism let us make a clean slate, stand up. We are nothing, let us be all.

We see how well organized and media savi the fascist had became and how easy is their hateful rhetoric. They infiltrate the centrist and even some leftists platforms, brain-wash online communities into their agenda. The message of hate is contagious and appealing. We also notice how divided some of the left are while fascism use WWII propaganda and exploit safe and secure "Political Correctness" of the left to talk about "Free Speech". They quickly learned how to use the tactic of the left against them and grew like a virus. Expediently. The Fascist became more and more skilled at social engineering, dismantle-ling tactic, and setting up online platforms.

Assemblage Forum is our response to that. You can meet people / groups from you own community that share your views and work towards the same goal. Organize. Share information on demos and ways to stop hateful ideologies that are spreading thought US/UK/EU. The only way we can stop fascist ideology from spreading is by organizing and uniting all of our networks and media platforms! We seen how Antifascist can take the streets, stop hate online, support local communities and protect peaceful demonstrations.

Failure is not an option. No Masters No Slaves. United We Stand

P.S. NAzi NAzi NAzi - Scum Scum Scum

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